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A truly innovative nuclear installation

What distinguishes MYRRHA in being the very first prototype of a nuclear installation driven by a particle accelerator in the world?

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MYRRHA: a subcritical reactor

In MYRRHA's unique configuration known as an Accelerator Driven System (ADS), the reactor core is characterised by the fact that there is insufficient fissile material to spontaneously maintain the fission. We call this a subcritical reactor.

It must therefore be continuously fed by an external neutron source: a particle accelerator. This accelerator fires protons at a target, creating the neutrons that will maintain the fission chain reactions in the reactor.

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A unifying research programme

Although MYRRHA is rooted in Belgium, collaboration and partnerships in both Belgium and abroad have been encouraged from the start.

SCK•CEN’s aim has always been to make this major research infrastructure into a meeting point for international R&D, by profiting from everyone’s expertise and by pushing back the boundaries of scientific and technological knowledge.

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Significant differences with the past

MYRRHA distinguishes itself from existing reactors in other areas, as:

  • it operates with fast neutrons, driven by an accelerator. Thanks to these fast neutrons, the fissile material will be used more efficiently within the reactor, which will reduce radioactive waste.
  • the reactor is cooled by a lead-bismuth alloy.


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Generating turnover, image and jobs

MYRRHA will be located in Mol, Belgium, on the site of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN. It functions as a unique magnet.

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Return on investment

From its start until the end of its operation, MYRRHA is estimated to generate approximately € 6,700 million in value and 34,000 yearly FTE's in employment (socio-economic impact assessment by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2017).

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Image Building

MYRRHA contributes to the image of SCK•CEN, as well as the region in which we operate (Kempen) and Belgium in general. Our project attracts specialists from all over the world and strengthens our international standing and reputation as centre of excellence.

Not only will we train new generations of experts, but this massive global project also allows us to bond with numerous other research institutions, universities and companies in Belgium and abroad.

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Job Creation

On average, some 700 people will work on MYRRHA each year and during the whole construction and operation phases. The dynamic boost resulting from the operation of MYRRHA will also create additional jobs via spin-offs and the implementation of new high-tech companies in our area.

Come and work at MYRRHA

Would you like to be part of making this innovative and challenging research installation a reality? We need bright people with a scientific, operational and international background who are full of enthusiasm and who believe in the future of what we are doing. Join the MYRRHA team!

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