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MYRRHA Supplier Event


We are actively working on the design and construction of MYRRHA, our future and multifunctional research facility. Our engineers are busy planning the first phase of the construction: the 100 MeV particle accelerator. In order to involve the suppliers of these components early and closely in the process, the MYRRHA team organised an information meeting in Brussels on 7 June, followed by a visit to the cyclotron in Louvain-la-Neuve on 8 June.

More than 80 interested suppliers of Cryogenics, FR amplifiers and control systems attended the event. "Reducing nuclear waste and producing medical isotopes. That's the vision we want to realise and that's why MYRRHA has to connect with industrial suppliers. We want to make that connection today," said Hamid Aïd Abderrahim, director of MYRRHA.

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