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MYRRHA Accelerator Driven System programme: recent progress and perspectives

H. Aït Abderrahim, D. De Bruyn, M. Dierckx, R. Fernandez, L. Popescu, M. Schyns, A. Stankovskiy, G. Van den Eynde & D. Vandeplassche
Nuclear Power Engineering, No 2, June 2019

The purpose of the MYRRHA program is to demonstrate the ADS concept at pre-industrial scale, to prove the transmutation efficiency in ADS and to serve as a flexible and multipurpose irradiation facility. The MYRRHA subcritical core fueled with highly enriched MOX fuel and cooled by LBE will be operated by a high-power superconducting linear accelerator delivering a proton beam of 600 MeV, 4 mA to an LBE spallation target. In September 2018, the Belgian government approved the construction of the MYRRHA facility and its operation until 2038. In this paper, we describe the present status of the MYRRHA program and the perspectives for implementation through a first infrastructure in 2026 to the full MYRRHA operation in 2036.

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