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Senior ISOL Physicist

Deadline: 31/07/2019
Reference: 551

Job description

SCK•CEN is developing the multi-purpose irradiation facility MYRRHA, a flexible fast spectrum research infrastructure conceived as an Accelerator Driven System (ADS). It consists of a  600 MeV proton linear accelerator (linac) which drives a lead-bismuth cooled sub-critical reactor. According to the MYRRHA phased implementation plan, a first facility will be constructed at SCK•CEN in Mol, composed of a 100 MeV proton linac coupled to a Proton Target Facility. This facility, contains an Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) target station for fundamental research and for the production of medical radioisotopes as well as a target station for fusion material research.

In the ISOL facility (called ISOL@MYRRHA), isotopes are produced in thick targets via proton-induced reactions, extracted, purified, and delivered to experiments in the form of low-energy radioactive ion beams (RIB). Operated with unprecedented-high driver-beam current, ISOL@MYRRHA will provide high-intensity RIBs. Moreover, the experimental programme envisages long beam times, allowing experimental studies with high statistics or investigating rare decay events, such as beta-delayed neutron emission.

In the framework of this project, the Institute for Advanced Nuclear Systems (ANS), is looking for a "Senior ISOL Physicist" to join the Proton Target Research (PTR) unit of the Accelerator Project (ACP) group.

As Senior ISOL Physicist within the ISOL-physics team you will have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Define the first set of experiments to be performed at ISOL@MYRRHA;
  • Realize an international collaboration around “Day1 experiment”;
  • Supervise the young members of the group (PhD, postdoc) performing the design of the detection system for “Day1 experiment”;
  • Follow-up the purchase of components and assembly of the detector;
  • Implementation of DAQ system;
  • Intensive testing of the detector both off-line but possibly also on-line at other RIB facility;
  • On-line data analysis definition, development of the off-line data analysis;
  • Joining experiments at ISOL facilities in collaboration with EURISOL partners; activities for promoting ISOL@MYRRHA physics within the community;
  • After facility construction: coordinator of the experimental program at PTF;
  • Initiate innovative physics-experiments ideas and summarize the request for new ion beams.
  • Stay informed on the user’s requests of RIBs and the overall ISOL-physics at  other ISOL facilities;
  • Initiate topics and supervise PhD and master students.

Required qualifications

  • PhD in sciences;
  • Hands-on experience in setting-up, performing and analyzing experiments at radioactive ion beam facilities;
  • Experience with working in international collaborations;
  • Experience in preparation of scientific projects and funding applications;
  • Experience in successful handling experimental proposals (proposal preparation and defense, preparation of the experiment);
  • Excellent organizational and coordination skills (planning/follow-up of co-workers);
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills;
  • Fluency in English (with the ability to draw-up technical specifications and scientific reports and to make oral presentations). Knowledge of French or Dutch is an advantage.
  • Willing to travel abroad


Should you have any questions, please contact Patricia Van Pottelbergh: +32 (0)14 33 25 82.

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