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Research Project Leader (Myrrha: Fuel Development/Fuel Qualification) (574)

Deadline: 31/05/2019
Reference: 574
Duration: Permanent

Job description

Since its very start in 1952, SCK•CEN has studied scientific and technical issues of the nuclear fuel cycle. During this history of nuclear fuel research, SCK•CEN investigated innovative concepts for future developments, assisted the nuclear industry in their challenges to improve reliability, efficiency and safety of nuclear fuel and performed fundamental studies in close cooperation with the academic world. 
Today, the nuclear fuel research resides under the group “Fuel Materials’ (FMA) of the Nuclear Materials Science institute (NMS). A team of researchers and project leaders performs studies on the nuclear fuel cycle, covering production, in-reactor performance and stability of the spent nuclear fuel.
Fuel research for MYRRHA focuses on licensing, demonstration of production and actualization of past research. SCK•CEN has a long history of applied fuel and cladding research for the European Fast Reactors (SNR300, EFR) with many R&D projects between 1960 and 1990 in BR-2, but also in the French, German and UK reactors (Rhapsodie, Phénix, KNK, DFR).
MYRRHA is PbBi cooled, but has a fuel design derived from SNR300 and EFR. The operating conditions of MYRRHA are in many aspects similar, but there remain several gaps to be bridged. Although one can rely on past R&D, the challenges remain big: implementation of past findings in modern codes (e.g. the fuel codes MACROS and TRANSURANUS), actualization of fabrication processes for fuel and cladding, filling knowledge gaps (clad-coolant compatibility, fast transient tests on fuel segments) and preparing complete licensing files. The research is performed in close cooperation of the MYRRHA teams of SCK•CEN and as part of various EU Framework Projects (MAXSIMA, MATTER, SEARCH, EUROTRANS).
In connection with the MYRRHA project, we are seeking to appoint two Research Project Leaders (M/F)

Job description

As member of the Fuel Materials expert group, you will be responsible for the management of nuclear fuel assembly development program (1 vacancy) and qualification program (1 vacancy) for the experimental reactor MYRRHA. This involves the design follow-up, definition of testing and inspection program and follow-up of the manufacturing.
Specific for (1), Fuel Development project leader: she/he interacts with the Fuel Research project leaders and the Fuel Qualification project leader.
Specific for (2), Fuel Qualification project leader: she/he interacts on daily basis with the Fuel Research project leaders and the Fuel Development project leader. The Fuel Qualification project leader further integrates his work with the qualification leads for other reactor components and with the licensing body.

Required qualifications

Required qualifications

(1) Master’s Degree in engineering sciences with proven track record in component design and development, preferably with specialization in material or nuclear engineering
(2) Master’s Degree in engineering sciences, preferably with specialization in material or nuclear engineering with proven track record in qualification and/or inspection
For both candidates:

excellent communication and management skills in order to manage a multi-disciplinary team and to work within an international environment
experience in project management;
enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit;
prepared to work in supervised and controlled areas;
Fluent in English, knowledge of French and/or German, knowledge of Dutch or willingness to learn Dutch.
Willingness to work in multi-disciplinary team and in an international environment.

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Should you have any questions, please contact

Deben Frederik
+32 (0)14 33 25 72