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    29 September '21

    European network brings new medical radioisotopes to patients faster

    Nuclear therapy and molecular imaging are widely used at hospitals for new promising medical procedures. They can drastically improve the outcome for many medical conditions, and enables treating disseminated cancer in particular. However, its effective development has long been limited by the difficult access to radionuclides not yet commercially available. With PRISMAP, this is about to changePicture: ©CERN 2018-2021

  • SCK CEN - Oprichting MYRRHA IVZW (2021)
    20 September '21

    The AISBL has been set up: MYRRHA welcomes international partners

    "MYRRHA AISBL is a reality!", enthuses Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Deputy Director-General of SCK CEN and Director of MYRRHA. The deed of incorporation was signed on Friday. "17 September therefore marks the start of a new era for MYRRHA. One in which we can officially join forces with international partners to achieve our ambitions and goals!"

  • 2021_IM_Europamagazin__ScaleWidthWzEyMDBd
    09 September '21

    MYRRHA appears on German TV

    “With MYRRHA, we will be able to make sure that in the near future, nuclear waste will only remain radiotoxic for 300 years.” A technological solution to treat nuclear waste sheds a different light on the climate issue and the role of nuclear energy in that regard. But how does that work exactly? What stage has research into this transmutation technique now reached? And how soon can it be put into action?

    Michael Grytz, a journalist for the German TV station ARD, came to Belgium in order to take a look at the nuclear research centre SCK CEN. Thanks to the MYRRHA project, SCK CEN is leading the field in research into this promising technique.