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  • Bos (2022)
    18 November '22

    Another step closer to MINERVA

    During the coming weeks, a significant number of trees on the SCK CEN domain will be marked by a bright-coloured line (= marking). The marking means that these trees will be cut down in the near future.

  • 20221110_SCKCEN_Roemenia_MoU_Collaboration_1
    10 November '22

    Belgium and Romania share their nuclear research knowledge

    A breakthrough for SMR technology and major European research infrastructures

    Two memorandums of understanding between Romania and Belgium were recently signed in the presence of Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă. They were signed by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN and two Romanian research institutes, the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) and the Technologies for Nuclear Energy State Owned Company (RATEN). These agreements will accelerate research into SMR technology and facilitate access to two major European research infrastructures, MYRRHA in Belgium and ELI-NP in Romania.