As a foundation of public utility, we are bound by the strict Belgian public procurement legislation. Below you will find an overview of the public tenders for MYRRHA, for which you can bid with your company.

Please refer to, the portal site for public procurement, for all the rules concerning public procurement. This portal site contains all the information (manuals, sample documents, contacts, etc.) you will need regarding the various aspects of the process, from legislation to the electronic processing of public contracts. You can click on 'e-Tendering' and 'e-Notification' to access the European tendering platform.

Reference + URL Title Description Submission deadline
SCK•CEN-2020-100-AF-F02 SC cavities MYRRHA/MINERVA 100 MeV LINAC For the implementation of the MYRRHA/MINERVA 100 MeV proton LINAC, superconducting single spoke cavities made of high grade niobium are needed.  23/06/2020