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Call to PhD students and postdoc researchers

04 February '20

Candidate PhD students or postdoc researchers have until 25 March 2020 to apply for one of the six MYRRHA related PhD topics or three postdoc positions that are available via the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre’s Academy this year. For several past students, this advanced study proved to be an entry to a permanent position with one of the most challenging global nuclear research projects.

2020 MYRRHA students

Preparing your doctoral thesis at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN) offers you the best of both worlds: you stay in close contact with the academic world and you enjoy a unique international research environment, with advanced nuclear experimental facilities and top-level guidance from our experts. Selecting a MYRRHA related subject enables you to contribute to one of the world’s most advanced nuclear research projects: an accelerator driven system that aims at solving the issue of spent nuclear fuel and playing a significant role in the development and production of conventional and innovative radioisotopes for nuclear medicine.

A PhD or postdoc research position at SCK CEN enables you to participate in multidisciplinary research, either directly because of the characteristics of your own research topic or indirectly via exchanges with your colleagues in other nuclear domains. At any given time, we have a PhD student community of about 80 students of 40 different nationalities.

Finally, you can benefit from the excellent reputation of the SCK CEN Academy as an education & training centre and take advantage of the courses organised by the SCK CEN Learning Centre.



Coatings enabling robotic systems in liquid metal for a new generation of nuclear reactors

Fiber optic distributed temperature sensors for measurements in LBE

Development of an advanced experimental technique for the measurement of the turbulent heat flux in liquid metals

Severe accident prevention and mitigation in MYRRHA

Investigation of a Hypothetical Core Disruptive Accident scenario in MYRRHA

Interaction of polonium vapor with steel surfaces in vacuum

Nucleation, growth and transport of corrosion product oxide particles in non-isothermal LBE systems


Quantitative assessment of corrosion products release rate in liquid LBE


Ultrasound detection of impurity particles in liquid LBE


Want to know more? Interested PhD candidates should click here for more information. Postdoc researchers should click here.

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