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MYRRHA & KU Leuven strengthen their collaboration

13 January '22

Boost for ISOL@MYRRHA research program: KU Leuven’s Junior Professor in Nuclear Physics with a Focus on Laser- and Trap-based Experimental Techniques using Radioactive Probes

20200610 TCH ISOL Milestone

Looking for a junior professor to advance ISOL@MYRRHA!

We are happy to share a brand new vacancy - together with KU Leuven and SCK CEN - to strengthen the MYRRHA team! ISOL@MYRRHA is currently under construction and will attract an international network of scientists for the use of the ISOL beams that will become available at SCK CEN. We are currently looking for a new colleague to focus on both research and training activities. Set up a research program that will strengthen the research portfolio of the IKS and PTR, coordinate the development of a beamline for laser polarization of radioisotopes, attract an (inter)national users community, ensure high-quality education... are just some of the priorities in your range of interesting tasks.

Your future workplace: fouding research needs unique expertise

The position - coming from the KU Leuven and SCK CEN collaboration - is embedded within the Institute for Nuclear and Radiation Physics (IKS), Department of Physics and Astronomy (Faculty of Science). The Faculty of Science at KU Leuven is a well-known player in this field and has a high ranking regarding its research and education quality by independent accreditation committees.

Also the Proton Target Research (PTR) group within the Advanced Nuclear Systems (ANS) institute of SCK CEN is strongly involved. SCK CEN is a world leading research centre with specialization in nuclear technologies for peaceful applications. The PTR group within the ANS institute focusses on production and use radioactive isotope beams for fundamental and applied research. These beams will be produced at the new Isotope Se paration On-Line (ISOL@MYRRHA) facility that will be coupled to the 100 MeV high-intensity proton linear accelerator, which is the first part of the driver for the accelerator driven reactor (the MYRRHA project).

Please see the full job description on the KU Leuven website.
Interested candidates should apply no later than February 28, 2022.

To the vacancy

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