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Opinion issued by the European Commission: MYRRHA in line with Euratom treaty

02 June '22

Article 41 of the Euratom Treaty specifies that the European Commission must be notified of new nuclear investment projects. The nuclear research centre SCK CEN and MYRRHA AISBL have informed the European Commission of the innovative research facility MYRRHA, its ambitions and its technical specifications. Following an analysis, the European Commission has ruled that the future nuclear facility meets the objectives of the Euratom Treaty and has given consent for the project. The European Commission wishes to be informed of any substantial changes that take place during the implementation of the project.

MYRRHA (2022) - In lijn met het EURATOM-verdrag

The Commission's opinion also states that “the construction and operation of MYRRHA will contribute to multidisciplinary research and to the development of nuclear science and technology on a national, European and international level - in particular, with regard to the production and development of medical radioisotopes and the transmutation of high-level radioactive waste.”

Within six months, SCK CEN will begin the construction of the building that will house phase 1 of MYRRHA – MINERVA, the particle accelerator up to 100 Megaelectron volts.


More information?

The technical dossier submitted and the opinion of the European Commission can be consulted here:

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