PhD Dissertations


Date: 07/02/2020
Author: Tunca, B.
Subject: Towards the Development of Novel Cladding Materials based on Nanolaminated Ternary Carbides (MAX phases) for Different Nuclear Systems
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Vleugels, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Lambrinou, K.


Date: 19/09/2019
Author: Gladinez, K.
Subject: Formation, Transport and Deposition of Lead Oxide in Lead-Bismuth Cooled Nuclear Systems
University: UGent
Promotor: Heynderickx, G.
SCK CEN Mentor: Rossel, K.

Date: 04/09/2019
Author: Cautaerts, N.
Subject: Nanoscale study of ageing and irradiation induced precipitates in the DIN 1.4970 alloy
University: UAntwerpen
Promotor: Schryvers, D.
SCK CEN Mentor: Delville, R.


Date: 07/12/2018
Author: Puype, A.
Subject: Investigation of processing routes, microstructures and mechanical properties of reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steels for nuclear fusion applications
University: UGent
Promotor: Petrov, R.
SCK CEN Mentor: Malerba, L.

Date: 02/07/2018
Author: Toti, A.
Subject: Development and validation of a system thermal-hydraulic/CFD codes coupling methodology for multi-scale transient simulations of pool-type reactors
University: UGent
Promotor: Vierendeels, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Belloni, F.

Date: 23/04/2018
Author: Castelliti, D.
Subject: The MYRRHA reactor design and the primary heat exchanger (PHX) tube rupture event analysis
University: UGenova
Promotor: Lomanoco, G.
SCK CEN Mentor: Van den Eynde, G.

Date: 26/03/2018
Author: Klok, O.
Subject: Liquid Metal Corrosion Effects in MYRRHA Candidate 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel
University: VUB
Promotor: De Graeve, I.
SCK CEN Mentor: Lambrinou, K.

Date: 21/02/2018
Author: Manfredi, G.
Subject: Oxygen sensors and electrochemical oxygen pumps for lead alloy cooled nuclear systems
University: ULB
Promotor: Herman-Buess, G.
SCK CEN Mentor: Lim, J.

Date: 06/02/2018
Author: Moortgat, C.
Subject: The SoLid antineutrino detector: construction and commissioning with cosmic ray muons
University: UGent
Promotor: Ryckbosch, D.
SCK CEN Mentor: Popescu, L.


Date: 01/12/2017
Author: Lapauw, T.
Subject: M n+1AX n Phase Carbides for Nuclear Applications
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Vleugels, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Lambrinou, K.

Date: 27/09/2017
Author: Chiapetto, M.
Subject: Kinetic Monte Carlo studies of formation of radiation-induced phases in bainitic and ferritic/martensitic steels
University: ULille
Promotor: Becquart, C.
SCK CEN Mentor: Malerba, L.

Date: 17/01/2017
Author: Raucy, C.
Subject: Simulation of a Radio-Frequency Quadrupole with the Method of Moments
University: UCLouvain
Promotor: Craeye, C.
SCK CEN Mentor: Vandeplassche, D.


Date: 03/10/2016
Author: Fiorito, L.
Subject: Nuclear data uncertainty propagation and uncertainty quantification in nuclear codes
University: ULB
Promotor: Labeau, P-E.
SCK CEN Mentor: Stankovskiy, A.

Date: 30/09/2016
Author: Rossa, R.
Subject: Advanced non destructive methods for criticality safety and safeguards of used nuclear fuel
University: ULB
Promotor: Labeau, P-E.
SCK CEN Mentor: Borella, A.

Date: 28/09/2016
Author: Houngbo, D.
Subject: Development of a liquid-PbBi target for ISOL@MYRRHA
University: UGent
Promotor: Vierendeels, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Popescu, L.

Date: 04/01/2016
Author: Uyttenhove, W.
Subject: Reactivity Monitoring of Accelerator-Driven Nuclear Reactor Systems
University: TU Delft
Promotor: Wolterbeek, H.T.
SCK CEN Mentor: Van den Eynde, G.


Date: 02/11/2015
Author: Gong, X.
Subject: Liquid Metal Embrittlement of a 9Cr-1Mo Ferritic-martensitic Steel in Lead-bismuth Eutectic Environment under Low Cycle Fatigue
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Seefeldt, M.
SCK CEN Mentor: Marmy, P.

Date: 01/10/2015
Author: De Pauw, B.
Subject: Experimental analysis of flow-induced vibrations and application to the fuel rod bundle of the MYRRHA reactor
University: VUB
Promotor: Berghmans, F.
SCK CEN Mentor: Van Tichelen, K.

Date: 29/09/2015
Author: De Ridder, J.
Subject: Computational analysis of flow-induced vibrations in fuel rod bundles of next generation nuclear reactors
University: UGent
Promotor: Vierendeels, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Schuurmans, P.

Date: 25/09/2015
Author: Marino, A.
Subject: Numerical modeling of oxygen mass transfer in the MYRRHA system
University: VUB
Promotor: Deconinck, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Lim, J.

Date: 01/09/2015
Author: Ghys, L.
Subject: Beta-delayed fission in proton-rich nuclei in the lead region
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Van Duppen, P.
SCK CEN Mentor: Popescu, L.

Date: 18/06/2015
Author: Gonzalez Prieto, B.
Subject: Evaporation of polonium from lead-bismuth eutectic nuclear coolant
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Martens, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Aerts, A.

Date: 18/03/2015
Author: Kesteloot, N.
Subject: Deformation and mixing of co-existing shapes in the neutron-deficient Polonium isotopes
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Van Duppen, P.
SCK CEN Mentor: Popescu, L

Date: 02/02/2015
Author: Jaluvka, D.
Subject: Development of a Core Management Tool for the MYRRHA Irradiation Research Facility
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Vandewalle, S.
SCK CEN Mentor: Van den Eynde, G.


Date: 19/12/2014
Author: Tindemans, T.
Subject: A contribution to the development of sensitive and isotope-selective analytical methods based on sector-field ICP-mass spectrometry for supporting the development of Gen IV nuclear reactors
University: UGent
Promotor: Vanhaecke, F.
SCK CEN Mentor: Dobney, A.

Date: 10/10/2014
Author: Bakaev, A.
Subject: Plasticity of Fe-Ni-Cr alloys under irradiation
University: UGent
Promotor: Van Neck, D.
SCK CEN Mentor: Terentyev, D.


Date: 10/12/2013
Author: Cao, Y.
Subject: Integration of radiation tolerant LIDAR receiver with mm accuracy and kHz repetition rate
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Steyaert, M.
SCK CEN Mentor: De Cock, W.

Date: 25/09/2013
Author: Verstraeten, B.
Subject: Development of a diagnostic method for thermoelastic characterization of coatings using laser ultrasonics
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Glorieux, C.
SCK CEN Mentor: Verschuuren, P.

Date: 22/04/2013
Author: Monteyne, G.
Subject: Identification in nuclear and thermal energy moderator temperature coefficient estimation via noise analysis and black-box modeling of heat transfer
University: VUB
Promotor: Schoukens, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Baeten, P.


Date: 24/04/2012
Author: Minov, B.
Subject: Investigation of the Hardening of Neutron Irradiated and Thermally Aged Iron-Copper Alloys, on the Basis of Mechanical and Magnetic Relaxation Phenomena
University: UGent
Promotor: Dupré, L.
SCK CEN Mentor: Konstantinovic, M.

Date: 27/02/2012
Author: Vanmaercke, S.
Subject: Secondary SCRAM System for Liquid Metal Cooled Nuclear Reactors
University: UCLouvain
Promotor: Bartosiewicz, Y.
SCK CEN Mentor: Van den Eynde, G.


Date: 30/11/2010
Author: Put, S.
Subject: Radiation tolerance of advanced cmos and bipolar technologies
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Leroux, P.
SCK CEN Mentor: Claeys, C.


Date: 11/12/2008
Author: Van den Bosch, J.
Subject: ADS Candidate Materials Compatibility with Liquid Metal in a Neutron Irradiation Environment
University: UGent
Promotor: Degrieck, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Al-Mazouzi, A.


Date: 16/11/2007
Author: Matijasevic, M.
Subject: Microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-cr model alloys and high Cr steels under neutron irradiation
University: UGent
Promotor: Verleysen, P.
SCK CEN Mentor: Al-Mazouzi, A.

Date: 22/06/2007
Author: Aoust, T.
Subject: Améliorations du modèle de cascade intranucléaire de Liège en vue de l'étude de cibles de spallation pour les systèmes hybrides
University: ULiège
Promotor: Cugnon, J.
SCK CEN Mentor: Malambu Mbala, E.

Date: 16/04/2007
Author: Haeck, W.
Subject: An optimum approach to Monte Carlo burn-up
University: UGent
Promotor: Wagemans, C.
SCK CEN Mentor: Aït Abderrahim, H.

Date: 12/03/2007
Author: Sapundjiev, D.
Subject: Compatibility of structural materials with liquid lead-bismuth eutectic - Liquid metal corrosion and liquid metal embrittlement of steels in liquid lead-bismuth
University: KULeuven
Promotor: Bogaerts, W.
SCK CEN Mentor: Van Dyck, S.


Date: 07/12/2006
Author: Terentyev, D.
Subject: Study of radiation effects in FeCr alloys for fusion applications using computer simulation
University: ULB
Promotor: Hou, M.
SCK CEN Mentor: Malerba, L.


Date: 12/05/2005
Author: Van den Eynde, G.
Subject: Neutron Transport with Anisotropic Scattering. Theory and Applications
University: ULB
Promotor: Beauwens, R.
SCK CEN Mentor: Aït Abderrahim, H.