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MYRRHA is the world’s first large scale Accelerator Driven System project at power levels scalable to industrial systems. MYRRHA offers unparalleled research opportunities in spent nuclear fuel, nuclear medicine and fundamental and applied physics. The MYRRHA consortium welcomes international partners and investors.


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Nuclear waste treatment

SCK CEN works actively on the design and construction of a new multi-purpose research plant: MYRRHA, which stands for Multi-purpose HYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications.  MYRRHA is a versatile research infrastructure but above all unique. It is the world's first research reactor driven by a particle accelerator.


Nuclear medicine

MYRRHA will take on the production of theranostic radio-isotopes (for diagnostic examinations and therapeutic treatment). With MYRRHA, SCK CEN also focuses on the development of new therapeutic radio-isotopes that can fight cancer cells in a more targeted way and thereby significantly reduce the side effects for patients. As from 2027, the accelerator will produce radio-isotopes for medical purposes.


Nuclear science

The MYRRHA research infrastructure paves the way for countless promising technologies and applications, but is also a magnet for fundamental nuclear research in various scientific disciplines such as nuclear physics, atomic physics and fundamental interactions. The project also contribute massively to fusion reactor physics, since a dedicated fusion neutron channel at MYRRHA will contribute to fusion material research programs.

Latest news

On site inauguration
02 July '24

Construction of the world-unique research reactor MYRRHA has started

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MYRRHA | MINERVA Groundbreaking Ceremony

Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten opens the construction site in Mol

MOL, 25 JUNE - After the first ideas about MYRRHA 25 years ago and the government decision in 2018 to start construction in phases, a new milestone follows today: the laying of the foundation stone of MINERVA, the first phase of the research reactor powered by a particle accelerator. In doing so, Myrrha, in collaboration with the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN), led by reactor physicist Hamid Aït Abderrahim, is opening the door to pioneering applications: better cancer treatments, fundamental physics, research for fusion materials, accelerator technology and optimal processing of radioactive nuclear waste. Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten gave the kick-off on Tuesday morning at MINERVA's construction site in Mol, and fashion designer Flora Miranda presented 'Spectralisation', a textile artwork inspired by MYRRHA.

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