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MYRRHA linear accelerator


In 400 m to an energy of 600 MeV

A 400 m long linear accelerator (linac) will provide protons at an energy of 600 MeV to the reactor. Linear accelerator technology was selected due to its enhanced beam stability when compared with cyclotrons.


All for reliability

Reliability as an essential performance goal for MYRRHA is reflected in the design of the linac. Twin redundant 17 MeV injectors provide parallel redundancy. The remaining part of the accelerator up to 600 MeV based on super-conducting radio-frequency modules is a common choice in view of optimised performance with high beam currents.  

At the end of the linac, the 4 mA proton beam is injected into the reactor, generating a flux of fast neutrons through spallation. Simultaneously, protons are also  fed to the multi-purpose Proton Target Facility and to the Fusion Target Station.

Currently under construction

Currently, the injector is being assembled and tested at the Cyclotron Resource Centre (CRC) at UCLouvain in Louvain-la-Neuve. The ultimate installation site is at SCK CEN in Mol.

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