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MYRRHA Proton Target Facility



Innovation at your disposal

The PTF will be available for national and international research groups.

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The full PTF facility surrounding the ISOL system will consist of

  • The irradiation pit, where the target is bombarded by the proton beam and the produced isotopes are extracted and mass purified,
  • A target hall where allowing the target exchange through a remote-handling system
  • A radioactive ion beam (RIB) handling area where the beams of isotopes are further purified, inspected for ensuring a good quality and directed towards the collector station or the corresponding experimental stations
  • A users laboratory where the various experimental stations for fundamental science or solid-state physics and biology are being installed

Production of radioisotopes with proton beam

The heart of the PTF is the Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) system, where a wide range of radioisotopes will be produced by nuclear reactions of the proton beam with the primary target material. The radioisotopes produced with ISOL are extracted from the target in a delicate and technologically challenging task, involving lasers, electrostatic devices (quadrupoles and electrodes) and precisely tuned magnetic dipoles.

In the end, one specific radioisotope with high purity will be transported to the laboratory for further manipulation – the strength of the ISOL system. Radioisotope manipulation can range from a pure collection onto a foil (for medical isotope harvesting for instance) to trapping in electromagnetic “bottles” and observing its radioactive decay in a very detailed manner.

20200610 TCH ISOL Milestone

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In the ISOL laboratory within MYRRHA's Proton Target Facility (PTF), it will be possible to produce intense high purity radioactive ion beams by using part of the proton beam. This creates extraordinary opportunities to achieve sufficiently-high statistics in precision experiments or to hunt for very rare phenomena.

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